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Krav Maga, means "Contact combat" in Hebrew. It is the official Self-defense and close combat system of the Israeli Security force and Military. What makes this system special is how this could easily be learned by anyone regardless of gender, physical abilities and age, this is very important because threats do come unexpectedly and untimely.


We are Dita and Gene Bailey and we are BLADE Krav Maga.  If you are interested in Krav Maga training, please email or send us a form in the contact tab.

Krav Maga is a self-defense system based on natural responses founded by Imi Lichtenfeld and used by the Israeli Defense Forces.  It’s designed to be efficient and effective for everyone to be able to defend themselves against violent confrontations.

About Dita: My husband and children have always trained in martial arts, but I used to think “Bad things don’t happen to people like me”. In 2011 that all changed for me. I found myself at my local shopping center where I was targeted by three men as “easy prey”. That day I escaped what could have been a deadly kidnapping attempt. If I could say one thing to my would be attackers it would be thank you. They tried to scare me, they tried to take my life, they tried to take everything I have and everything I am… But what they did was light a fire within me. I needed to find a self-defense system that could empower me very quickly. After some research I found Krav Maga. I found the system easy to learn and use. Not only did training Krav Maga empower me, it changed my body and mind. I knew that I had found my life’s calling.    

About Gene: I’ve been in martial arts for over 35 years, and have found nothing as realistic and practical in a street scenario as Krav Maga.  I grew up in Detroit and know the dangers of living in a metropolitan area.  After Dita discovered Krav Maga, she introduced it to me and I’ve never looked back.  I’ve been able to adapt some of my other fighting skills into more practical fighting methods.  Krav Maga has brought us together as a family and given us a passion to help ensure no one else is ever a victim.  It is a passion we share as a family and it is not only a great system, but a fabulous full body workout!

We are fortunate that we get to do our hobby for our job.  The best part of training is watching when someone learns a new technique and the lightbulb comes on and they really get it.

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